Certificationy: a CLI tool to train on Symfony certification (English)


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The Symfony community has a lot of developers that would like to pass the Symfony certification or simply get a higher level in Symfony knowledges. This tool is here to help them/you!

Why this tool?

To my surprise, nobody has launched a subject on it. Initial story was that I was playing with QuestionHelper Console component so I had to implement a questions system on a Symfony application. I immediatly think about the certification.

Community seems to be really interested into this project. However, the biggest part into this project is to collect a maximum number of questions to cover all subjects and try to be as real as possible than the certification exam.

How it works?

Project is available on Github on the following URL: http://www.github.com/certificationy.

This is a Symfony Console component (CLI) application that is really easy to install by using composer or use php-box to create a single .phar.

Next, the only step you have is to run the CLI command and (optionnally) specify the number of questions you want:

$ php certificationy.php --number=10

Just answer the 10 questions and immediatly get your results with correct answers!

We need you to contribute by adding new questions

There is not a lot of questions at this time. I will add somes in the next coming days but I trust a lot on you to add some questions too in order to all become experts on Symfony ;-)

Do not hesitate to send me pull requests, even if this is only for adding 1 question, because 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + ... = a lot of questions.

Some thanks

A big thanks to the first two contributors that make comments & pull requests to improve the project quality: @mickaelandrieu and @lyrixx.