Here are my skills, experiences and other information about my knowledges



  • PHP7 – Object oriented programmation (OOP) / MVC architectures,
  • Golang – I wrote a Golang micro-framework to run this blog under
  • Python – Object oriented programmation (OOP) / Already played with Django,
  • HTML5 – W3C standards compliance,
  • CSS 3 – Fluent with recent CSS directives (including SASS and LESS),
  • JavaScript – Fluent in this language (jQuery, BackboneJS, NodeJS, ...),
  • SQL – Querying data, views, stored procedures (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle),
  • NoSQL – Good knowledge of MongoDB (including replication),
  • Microsoft C# .Net – Got the "Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist" certification
  • Java – Use of Swing and Struts frameworks and Hibernate as ORM,
  • Versioning – Using Git everyday and have used Subversion too in the past

Frameworks & Tools

  • Symfony3/4 (Flex) – Fluent, using this framework since first version
  • Zend Framework (1.10) – Good knowledge of some Zend components
  • Composer – Using this PHP dependency manager eveyday
  • GraphQL – Already used GraphQL implementation with PHP Symfony and NodeJS
  • NodeJS – I used it to develop APIs and workers
  • ConnectJS – I use connect middleware components for writting NodeJS applications
  • Socket.IO – Good knowledge of this event programming framework
  • RabbitMQ – Used it a lot as a communication bus between multiple projects with retry/error management
  • Vagrant / Puppet – Maintain of boxes using Vagrant and Puppet for provisioning
  • Jenkins – Maintain of project jobs for both tests and releases


Tools used

  • Visual Studio Code – I use it everyday for developing in many languages (PHP, Go, ...)
  • MySQL Workbench – I use it for MySQL database modeling
  • Gatling / Locust – I used them for load testing applications with multiple nodes

System & network

  • Operating System – I use Mac OS X on my personal laptop, use unix servers every day, I know Windows too
  • Apache : Fluent in this web server configuration since couple of years
  • Nginx : Good knowledge, able to configure it
  • PHP (FPM) : Fluent since a couple of years
  • Varnish : Good knowledge of this HTTP cache tool configuration
  • Deployment : Fluent in Capistrano for application deployment but also containerization with Docker


2016 (June) – Now – Eleven Labs

  • Architect for ETS Global company, working on interactions over more than 10 applications and micro-services
  • Architect for France Televisions (french TV company), working on platform
  • Multiple applications provisioning and deployment over 60 servers using Ansible
  • Participation of technical architecture in response to calls for tenders
  • Tech lead at CNAMTS over Symfony PHP projects (5-6 developers) hosted on an OpenShift platform

2012 (July) – 2016 (June) – Ekino (FullSIX Group)

  • Development of Renault bank & Nissan finance customer area using Symfony2
  • Full overhaul of website (French Football Federation) - using Symfony2
  • Open-source development of the Sonata e-commerce Symfony2 bundles -
  • Use a lot of the Sonata bundle suite (
  • Use DevOps box with Vagrant and Puppet for provisioning
  • Application deployment over multiple servers
  • Write a lot of unit tests using PHPUnit and functional tests using Behat

2011 (August) – 2012 (July) – Smartbox (Smart&co Group)

  • Development of Magento custom modules for discount prices management, custom sitemap management, ...
  • Full overhaul of MySmartbox ( custom platform (booking, exchange, tracking changes, ...) under Magento
  • Application maintenance of the French Smartbox website ( based on Magento

2010 (September) – 2011 (August) – Degetel – Working at Smartbox

  • Development from scratch of a RESTful PHP API to interact with Smartbox's ERP system
  • Development of some evolutions on the Unity1 platform (own framework) of Smartbox international websites

2009 (September) – 2010 (September) – Epixelic

2009 (January) – 2009 (March) – Anakrys – 2 stages (6 and 8 weeks) + 2 months