Vincent Composieux

Freelance Web Architect from Paris, France — PHP, but also NodeJS, Golang and many others

Vincent Composieux

What I work with

Languages and tools I love to use


I work with PHP

Since many years I use PHP language to develop high-trafic multiple type of websites and... I still continue.


I ♥ Symfony framework

With more than 3 years working with this framework I try to be implicated with the community to build better services on it.


I've done little things with Python

I like this powerful, clear & light language. This blog previously runs under Django framework and I wrote some Python scripts too.


I'm a Golang enthusiast

I started to use Go on personnal and open-source projects and then practiced it on professional missions which allowed me to realize its exceptional performance.


Here are some professional projects I've worked on - Groupe TF1 (ReactJS / Go / Kubernetes)

Redesign the back-end of the MyTF1 service (containing web, mobile and IPTV applications):

  • Definition and development of some Go and NodeJS micro-services exposed by a GraphQL entrypoint and that communicates over gRPC (Protocol Buffers)
  • Audit on legacy applications to define how we could rewrite them
  • Redesign of the MyTF1 service (containing web, mobile applications and IPTV applications)
  • Definition and development of some micro-services such as SEO, Search, Recommendation and audience computation
  • Definition and development of the media library allowing the management of media: GraphQL API in Go, front-end developed in VueJS and multi-origin AWS Cloudfront CDN with image resizing in serverless via Lambda (Symfony / NodeJS / Golang)

Evolutions on the (France Televisions) architecture and infrastructure

  • Definition of the IPTV application architecture
  • Definition and development of the business architecture to interact with other services (videos providers, ...)
  • Proposals with new technologies such as GraphQL to serve mobile applications with better performances, API versioning to allow deploying more frequently, etc.

ETSGlobal (Symfony / Angular 6)

Architecture definition, proof of concepts and core development on a stack with around 15 microservices

  • Work upstream of projects with client teams and development teams to define project architecture according to needs
  • Provisioning management and deployment of applications with Ansible, from the development environment to production
  • Work on solutions for various problems, such as: Authentication between several applications (SSO), multi-country, multi-languages and multi-time zones management in applications, implementation of a WebSocket brick to manage real-time notifications on applications - La Poste (Symfony2 - AngularJS)

Implementation of some new features on the Symfony2 middleware of Digiposte (which encapsulates an AngularJS application):

  • Interaction with a Java API
  • Use of a DevOps box using Vagrant and Puppet which is used from developers to production (with multiple nodes)
  • Releases with Jenkins builds workflow
  • Development of Symfony2 middleware that interract and pass business data to the front-end AngularJS application

Renault & Nissan – Customer area (Symfony2)

Full implementation of this responsive application of DIAC (RCI Bank - Renault) & Nissan Finance customer area:

  • Live interaction with SOAP web services
  • Use of a DevOps box using Vagrant and Puppet which is used from developers to production environment
  • Development of interactions between Symfony & Drupal for content/translations management – French Football Federation (Symfony2)

Website renew of, the french football federation using the Symfony framework.
This website has a big CMS part and treats a lot of data (players, matchs, competitions ...).

  • Use a lot of Sonata bundles suite (Page, Block, Cache, Notification, ...)
  • Retrieves AFP, LFP, UEFA data from web services
  • Interacts with FFF CMS backend
  • Blocks on the website are cached using Varnish HTTP caching
  • A lot of PHPUnit unit tests (1000+) – Home exchange (Symfony2)

Website renew of, an international association of home exchange.
This website is available in 17 countries and 12 languages.

  • A full Amazon Web Services hosting (EC2, RDS, S3, ...)
  • Automated deployment on an Amazon Elastic Beanstalk application
  • PHPUnit unit tests – Coffrets cadeaux (Magento)

Website evolutions and maintenance of this international website built under Magento e-commerce solution:

  • Development of custom Magento modules for bundle prices and discounts
  • Website HTTP caching under Varnish
  • Development of a middleware RESTful API to interact with Smartbox's ERP – Gourmet gift box (Magento)

Backend development and maintenance of this website using Magento framework

  • Development of custom modules
  • Development of some localization features

Jobs&Joy – Job board by affinity (Zend Framework)

Development from scratch of this job board website baded on people affinity

  • Full development of this website built under Zend Framework