Talks & Workshops

As a passionate developer, I love to share on technical subjects with other developers

Latest talk

This talk was done at Eleven Labs Galatic Meetup on 11th november 2016 and was about Gitlab CI component. It is spoken in french and approach the following things:

  • Quickly: what means continuous integration and continuous deployment?
  • Why use Gitlab CI?
  • How Gitlab CI runners are working? how ot use them?
  • How to write the gitlab-ci.yml file? how does it work?
  • Some tips that can help for testing and deploying (performances, ...)

Workshop - Consul: Service Discovery and Failure Detection

This workshop was about HashiCorp Consul product which aims to register your architecture services and monitor them in order to take out services that cannot be contacted anymore (because of multiple reasons: could be because there is no disk space left on the machine or an application error itself).

This workshop used the following things:

  • Docker Swarm: in order to create a little Swarm cluster which uses Consul for service discovery part
  • Docker machine: we create 3 machines for this workshop (1 consul machine and 2 node machines)